Custom designs: no limits to your creativity

Want to create something truly unique? A one of a kind façade that’s tailor-made, based on your specific wishes? Discover the unlimited possibilities of Rockpanel Premium!

No matter how creative your design, Rockpanel Premium is up to the challenge. Whatever colour, design or shape you have in mind: we help you to push all boundaries.

Rockpanel Premium Campaign Custom Designs

Complete design freedom with Rockpanel Premium

Combine all of our colours, designs and finishes, anyway you want it. Why stay inside the box?

For example, mix the patterns of Rockpanel Woods or Stones with the effects of Rockpanel Chameleon or Metallics. And of course, any colour tone is possible.

Visuals Rockpanel Premium Campaign

Rockpanel Premium Brochure

Rockpanel Premium offers many advantages and options for you to create exactly what you need. From custom designs and dimensions to different gloss grades and concealed fixing. Read all about the possibilities in our inspirational brochure.

Cover Rockpanel Premium Brochure