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Renovation and extension of the Betty-Greif school in Pfarrkirchen, Germany with Rockpanel Colours incl. ProtectPlus coating

Rockpanel Colours

Imagine the freedom of choosing any colour you like from an artist’s palette and then painting your building in the perfect tone of your choice. That’s the choice you have with the Rockpanel Colours range.

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‘The Tree House' community school project in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands with Rockpanel Woods exterior cladding

Rockpanel Woods

Wood has been used for millennia to create beautiful buildings, but those with a wooden façade need regular maintenance and have a limited life before the costly expense of removal and renewal. Then stone came along, but it lacked the natural warmth that only wood could achieve. That is until Rockpanel Woods was invented. Through an innovative process the boards are almost perfect replicas of wood, with all of the long lasting benefits inherent in a stone façade. Simply put, the best of both worlds.

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Apartment complex ‘‘t Bakenshof’ in Horst, The Netherlands

Rockpanel Stones

Since visionary architecture has always disregarded limitations – why not challenge nature itself? With Rockpanel Stones, gravity appears to have been outsmarted. Let yourself be inspired by the astonishing characteristics of this natural material and incorporate the impressive versatility of Rockpanel Stones in your creative planning.

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The Christophorus school in Mülheim-Kärlich (Germany) with (engraved) Rockpanel Metallics and Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding boards

Rockpanel Metallics

The age of the industrial revolution is long gone, but the style still remains. More popular than ever, even residential buildings are opting for this hard working industrial look. Give your building extra shine and lustre with the contemporary and industrial finish of Rockpanel Metallics.

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Renovation of 4 tower blocks in Manchester (Untied Kingdom) with Rockpanel Chameleon External Cladding

Rockpanel Chameleon

Take a look from ever angle, it’s never the same twice – that’s the power of the ever changing Rockpanel Chameleon cladding board. Affected by natural light or artistic spots and the angle and height viewed – your vision becomes an eye catcher, ever changing and always inspiring.

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The Maasniel school project in Roermond, The Netherlands wth Rockpanel Brilliant & Woods exterior cladding.

Rockpanel Brilliant

Imagine the sun, or a well-positioned artistic spotlight, glinting off a sparkling surface, reflecting back an enhanced and radiant glow – that’s the power of Rockpanel Brilliant. You’ll be amazed at how the boards sparkle during the day and harmonise with their environment as the sun sets and the evening sets in.

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Private house with Rockpanel Uni/Colours
Rockpanel Uni

Rockpanel Uni

Timeless architectural concepts are characterised by clarity. If your design idea involves a little restraint and a lot of functionality, then Rockpanel Uni is just the thing for you.

Rockpanel Uni
Renovation of an office building with Rockpanel Ply in Limelette, Belgium

Rockpanel Ply

Is the exact colour you would like for your design not available in our range, or do you want to accentuate even the smallest detail of the building? Rockpanel Ply gives you the freedom to express yourself in any colour.

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Renovation of Single Family House with Rockpanel Lines2 in Menaldum, The Netherlands

Rockpanel Lines²

Play around with traditional facade designs – use lines as a continuous element or to provide a stylish touch. Your design is all about the lines, perfect symmetry or abstract – you know that you can pick out the buildings best features by accentuating the lines. Rockpanel Lines² gives you’re the freedom to work your vision into a reality and is a perfect long lasting, low maintenance replacement for wooden tongue and groove panels.

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A modern office building in Krakow, Poland with Rockpanel Woods exterior cladding

Rockpanel Premium

Impressively transform buildings into representative symbols that visually express the success of your business. The best materials, open-ended design solutions as well as customised formats and dimensions give your building project an absolute premium look. Naturally, they always meet the particularly high requirements for fire protection A2-s1,d0.

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Refurbishment three high-rise residential towers, The Crofts in Birmingham, United Kingdom with Rockpanel Colours in FS-Xtra grade

(Extra) Fire safety meets design

Safe and secure, the advanced features of A2 from Rockpanel delivers a new dimension to your exterior cladding design.

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